Since a was young, I always had a passion for hunting and dogs. In 1976 the year I got married I had the chance and space to keep them. I started with pointers and English setters, but only after receiving a German Bracco puppy from the Guaralda bloodline as a gift from a friend of mine, I became attached to this breed. In 1979 I received the affix for my dog breeding in S. Caterina del Sasso.

In my opinion the kurzhaar is a dog that adapts well to all types of hunting and ground, it is a multipurpose and easy to train breed that can give you a lot of satisfaction both in hunting and in work trials.

My opinion about these dogs is that there are many subjects who have difficulties in the carry and the firm and this could be due to a wrong selection and use of foreign bloodlines that are not completely known. Breeders today prefer exceptional gallop and head bearing, skipping a lot of most necessary things.

Our kurzhaar must have are the passion in spontaneous carry-over, the statuary firm, the ease in the training and finally must have a sincere look.

In Italy the Kurzhaar club is currently working well, although in my opinion the technical committee should provide more appropriate information on how the German bracco should be.
With the inclusion of dogs from other countries, we are finding continuous discrepancies on the morphology and hunting activity.

The kurzhaar is known throughout the world. I in the last few years there was a decline in enrollment not only for German hounds but also for other breeds. I think it is a phase of decline due to a lack of generational change and the lack of natural game in the area.

I think that it is important to take part in meetings and work trials to be able to compare opinions with other farmers and view subjects that can be used for litters.

The kurzhaar is a multipurpose dog that adapts very well to any type of ground and hunting, from small to large as in its country of origin. I prefer to use them exclusively in permanent hunting (quails, pheasants and woodcocks).

My advice to a novice is to understand the character of the subject and treat it with respect. He is a dog with many qualities and if he is treated in the right way he will become your best friend and with him you will spend some wonderful hunting days.

allevamento kurzhaar
allevamento kurzhaar
allevamento kurzhaar
allevamento kurzhaar

Letter from a dog to his master